#Throwback to Weaving our Voices, 2020 Pre-Conference Workshops

In what seems like a lifetime away, this time last year the conference team at Ummeed Child Development Center was gearing up for our Second International Narrative Conference – Weaving our Voices, 2020. It was six days of witnessing narrative ideas shape in diverse contexts, meeting our narrative community from across the country and the world, and a truly weaving of voices from people, communities, spaces that shape narrative ideas for what it’s becoming.

Here’s a series of throwback and a big thank you to our community of people who have been a part of journey with us.

Glimpses from the pre-conference workshops from @weavingourvoicesconf 2020. The conversations ranged from using narrative to influence school cultures, an introduction to the key ideas of narrative practices, re-imagining poetry and rap using narrative practices and thinking of trauma and neurobiology from the narrative lens. The day one was a beautiful collaboration between the trainers and participants in exchange of ideas, weaving of hopes, ideas and voices. 🌻

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