‘हमारे जुगाड़’ – A collective document of mothers’ know-hows of taking care of themselves

Our Jugaad

हमारे जुगाड़/Our Jugaad is a collective document about different ways in which mothers take of themselves, their mental health.

This Covid lockdown across India has been a particularly difficult time for caregivers of children with disabilities with restricted access to supportive spaces, everyday resources, medical and therapy services, change in everyday routine. The Mental Health team at Ummeed spent two weeks in June advocating for caregivers’ mental health, the importance of it and we’re soo excited to launch this document of know-hows that the team collected from the caregivers themselves.

This document is a testimony to all such ways in which mothers have been taking care of themselves, while performing ‘little’ acts of love, care and resistance.

A big thank you to Ananya Broker Parekh, the illustrator of this collective document and the curator of it, Raviraj Shetty, an occupational therapist and a part of Mental Health team at Ummeed Child Development Center, Mumbai.

Please find below, the Hindi and English versions of the document.

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