‘Jugaad’ – A little book of mental health know-hows, gets featured!


Jugaad is a little book on mental health written by a bunch of 14 really cool, amazing, powerful young voices, curated by Yashna Vishwanathan and has drawings by Ananya Broker Parekh.

Jugaad’ is a word that is used across in several cities of India to describe life-hacks, know-hows people have to respond to everyday situations and problems.

Jugaad, hopes to bring in an alternate literature on what mental health looks like to young people and hopes for it to be a document that lives through the changing times, that has everyone adding in their know-hows, their jugaads through their understandings of mental health.

“We did our ‘first look’ of Jugaad with the people of our narrative community at our monthly narrative gathering last month at Ummeed Child Development Center, Mumbai. We did an activity where we asked participants to stitch their own patches, with the hope to be joined by all the people bringing in their own patches of jugaads – life – hacks, know-hows of responding to everyday stress/situations and to help us keep growing this document and the book. The gathering was an afternoon of warmth, resonance and excitement for a book that has shaped from young people’s lived experiences..”

Jugaad was featured in the Asian Age – Mumbai edition and we’re so excited for so many more of us to know of this collective document authored by our 14 young people.

“An illustrated book gives us a peek into the minds of young adults, their perception of mental health and the hacks they use to deal with their mental health needs.”




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