Consulting the Consultants : In Conversations with…


10th October is celebrated as Mental Health Day across the world. This year Ummeed hosted a Panel Discussion where Children and Young People were invited to have conversations and share their stories, ideas about mental health and share thoughts about changes needed in the way society understands mental health and support for mental health.

It was a lively and an exciting morning filled with a lot of energy, smiles and vibrant discussion.

On being asked what is the one quality they would like to give professionals, this is what the panelists had to say…

“Samajh rakh paana, to understand where the other person is coming from” – Preeti

“Alag alag perspectives se dekh paana” – Sanket

“Unki language mein samjhana, Unki soch ke hisaab se samjhana” – Megha

“Intentional listening – Sunna aur logon ka context samajhna” – Shahbaan

“Acceptance aur power ko break karna. Koi superior/inferior nahi hona chahiye” – Anjali

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