What’s your Story?

The other day I heard the peasant say,” I got nothing to sell”

I told him “You’re a rich man you got stories to tell!!”

It was then that I remembered what my Grandma taught,

It was then that its true essence I got..

“Everyone has a fortune he should know how to look,

Of one’s sadness and joys one can write a book!!

It’s this book that will show the way and teach,

These are the pearls of wisdom that will really make you rich!!”

I was passing through my town & I saw it frown,

I took time to stand by and look what was going down.

I flipped through its pages,

To read the stories it had collected over ages,

It told me of the small village there was,

And how life was calm like things were put on a pause!!

But then peace and serenity out they threw,

They said it’s important to make space so that the village grew!!

Walking ahead I came across this old tree,

It looked merry and from worries it seemed free!!

I stood and asked,

“The peasant has his, and the town told me one,

What’s your story it should be fun!! “

The tree said it has many but it remembers only half,

It has only kept those which make it happy and laugh!!

God gave it a memory but it tends to lose,

What to remember & what to forget it gets to chose!!

It’s an unending trail of sadness, fun or glory…

So can you tell me “What’s your story??”

——- Pavan Wani.

Cahir, Ireland --- Lone Tree In Mist And Sunlight; Cahir, County Tipperary, Ireland --- Image by © Trish Punch/Design Pics/Corbis

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