Raviraj Shetty’s Paper on Narrative Ideas & Occupational Therapy Practice Wins an Award for Best Paper!

Congratulations to Ummeed’s very own Raviraj Shetty for winning the Best Paper award for his article entitled, “Conversations About Mr. Bad Handwriting: Using Narrative Ideas Within the Context of Occupational Therapy Practice” at the 52nd Annual National Conference of All India Occupational Therapists’ Association in New Delhi last weekend! Using narrative practices, Raviraj conducted a group last year for children to improve their handwriting skills, based on which he wrote this award winning paper and made a presentation to the attendees of the conference. Well done, Raviraj, on demonstrating and sharing such a powerful, transdisciplinary, and innovative application of narrative therapy! IMG_2117 IMG_2118 IMG_2119 IMG_2120

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  1. Maggie Carey says:

    Congratulations Raviraj! Having heard you present on this work to the MHTP 5 group, I am not surprised that the All India OT Conference has given this recognition. It is really creative and innovative work.

  2. Maggie Carey says:

    Congratulations Raviraj!! Having heard you present on this work, I am not surprised that you have received the recognition you have. It is very exciting the way in which you are using narrative practice in your work there at Ummeed. Look forward to hearing more! Warmest thoughts and a big smile on my face, Maggie

    1. Thanks a lot Maggie for the warm wishes and the smile on your face….My narrative journey is exciting with you and others in it.

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