Taking Home Warm Memories of CMHTP and MHTP 5 – Maggie Carey

I leave Mumbai today to return to Adelaide and I leave with so many warm and inspiring memories from my time here! From the two days I spent with the CMHTP, where I was given a glimpse of a dedicated and creative group working with such commitment to making a difference in children and young people’s lives, through to the week long second block of the MHTP with so many stories and experiences shared, and then to the ongoing mentorship group of past participants from previous years.

There are so many things that stand out to me in all of the training that is happening through the MHTP at Ummeed. The first is the care and respect and excitement that all of the teaching group of Jeh, Jill, Daisy and Shamin bring to the sharing of narrative practice in India.

This time I had the opportunity to work alongside Jill for the week of the MHTP and it was such an an easy and fun and flexible time of co-teaching. The week whizzed by as we experienced the participants getting more and more engaged with what a narrative approach has to offer, and finding points of resonance with how they want to be able to work, and with what’s important to them in their work. There were so many stories shared and so much dynamism in this group and the energy with which the group took on the Statement of Position Map Grand Debate will always bring a smile to my face!!
Remembering the thoughtful looks on people’s faces as they got more into what the practice of externalising can do, the ‘ah ha’s as the tactics and tricks of discourses and problems were revealed, the buzz of connecting in beginning ways with preferred stories, all of these and the whole week of feeling linked to the group will continue to bring this warmth to my heart.

It is so good that there is the opportunity for ongoing mentorship and regular catch ups. I loved reconnecting with people from previous years and so enjoyed the opportunity to look at the sense of ‘feeling stuck’ thing that tries to invade our work! I will remember all of the skills and know how that came out from the group about how to respond to this complex character, next time it comes visiting.

And then there was the cricket…. It was difficult but I think we all managed to not let the World Cup cause too much distraction. And once again, sorry for the outcome!!

And then finally there was the incredible warmth and connection of being hosted by all at Ummeed. I love this collaboration between NPA and Peggy and the MHTP group at Ummeed, and I look forward to it going on in whatever form is useful and furthering of narrative practice in India.

Love to all from Maggie

(Maggie Carey, Narrative Practices Adelaide, Australia)

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