Celebrating Sparkling Moments: My Reflections on Re-authoring Clients’ Stories – Amita Shah

Until I began the Community Mental Health Training Program (C-MHTP) course, I always thought therapy was focused on talking about the client’s problems and finding solutions to them. We usually get so caught up in talking about what’s not good in clients’ lives. Learning about rich story development and re-authoring stories has given me a completely new outlook on therapy and what it is all about. I’m learning how to focus on what is good in the client’s life and how we as therapists can help bring this out further.

This technique allows us to help them develop rich stories and re- author their own life situation. By asking questions about what they value, who the important people in their life are, and what strengths they possess, it probes them to think about what they really want it in their life, why they taking a particular stand, and how they can bring about changes. Another thing that stands out to me about the re-authoring approach is that it is very structured, and really helps guide the client in a particular direction.

I absolutely plan on using this approach in my therapy work with clients. I have already started thinking about and have ideas for how I will apply it with one client who I just started working with. It’s very exciting and I can’t wait to get started! I believe that this technique will be very effective in helping to bring out the sparkling moments in my clients’ lives!

-Amita Shah

C-MHTP Participant

Clinical Psychologist, The Research Society (Jai Vakeel School for Children in Need of Special Care)IMG_1829

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