Reflections on the first block of C-MHTP…

Block 1 of our Community Mental Health Program (C-MHTP) has officially come to an end! We had a great week using the narrative approach to train such an interesting, curious, and passionate group of 24 community workers. We are so excited to continue being a part of their narrative journeys moving forward! The next block of C-MHTP begins on March 16th, 2015.

Read about some of the community workers’ reflections on the program so far:

“Earlier, I thought that counseling was about the professional finding solutions and giving advice. This program has helped me realize that this is not the case – the solution lies with the client and the client is the expert. Our job is about empowering them by asking good questions “.

“The use of role plays, group discussions, games, case presentation, and debates was very innovative and made the program all the more interesting”.

“I learned about the importance of asking good questions”.

“The concept of viewing the problem as separate from the person is very new to us, and can be so effective in promoting a positive attitude in our clients. This was really an eye-opening idea for me!”

“I can apply narrative therapy not only to my work with clients, but also to relationships in my daily life”.

“I can now help my clients become superheroes of their own lives!”

“I had no idea what narrative therapy was before this program. It is a very new and interesting concept for me and I can’t wait to use it with my clients”.

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