my journey with narrative practices – Radhika Sharma

Having been on this journey of an intensive one-year Narrative Practices Program has been a beautiful, enriching, validating and empowering one!

After the MHTP, I have a community that I feel I belong to and find great comfort to take my dilemmas, concerns, joys to them on almost regular basis!

The program was beautifully crafted (decentered but influential) which provided me the space to explore my own stories, values, hopes, dreams and principles. Some of the actions that I took in the past or take currently, suddenly have a different meaning as I know where they are coming from and are not “automatic”. As Maggie beautifully put it “we need to unpack actions and events that look automatic”…..
I am sure there are a hundred stories hidden waiting to be explored, celebrated and reflected upon! Something that Shona was able to share with us early into the program.

Having better tools to be mindful of power in therapy sessions helps me to co-construct content and reflections with the clients making it an empowering experience for both of us.

Being curious or as Maggie says “to loiter” has been a great insight as well.

Peggy beautifully unpacked the most genuine of ways and means to express the overwhelming gratitude that we have towards the people we work with.

I know for sure I am a better person, professional, mother and partner having gone through this course.

I want to congratulate the MHTP team for the great work that they have put in year after year and a big thank you coming their way!

The graduation ceremony was as unique as Narrative Practices are! I wore the same saree for the graduation ceremony that I wore for my court wedding! 🙂 I love to see the video that they made for us whenever I am happy, looking for strength and everything in between this continuum.

While I have tried putting words to how I feel and think, I have had a heart warming feeling while writing this up and I know it will stay with me for the rest of the day!

grad 2014

graduation 2014

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